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“People-orientated” has long been the operation concept of Daikin, we constantly invest resources and explore the unlimited potential of our employees. We attract talents who are interested in the air-conditioning industry by providing market-competitive salaries and welfare programs, to become one of our team members, achieve your ideal career, exploit the road to professionalism and inherit the demands of the industry.

Daikin Culture: Possibility & Talent Management



The reason why Daikin Group has always been able to become a sustainable enterprise and continue to take the responsibility and commitment of the Daikin brand is because we firmly believe that "people" are the source of corporate competitiveness. We believe in unlimited potential of people and based on the conviction that the source of a company’s competitiveness is its people, and that the cumulative growth of each individual is the foundation of a company’s growth, People-Centered Management is a line of thinking which draws out the enthusiasm and understanding of the people who work in an organization to strengthen and raise the capabilities of the organization by having all members further refine their own individuality, achieve growth, and fully demonstrate their full potential. Are you the one Daikin is looking for?

If you are passionate, brave enough to take challenges and willing to pay every endeavor for self-development, you are welcome to join our family!

Apprenticeship Training Scheme

Daikin air conditioning has long been prestigious and trusted within the customer community, we are dedicated to developing and producing high-quality and environmentally friendly products. As a pioneer in the industry, we provide our customers with comprehensive and considerate pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service to enhance the customer service experience.

Daikin singles out the advanced needs of the world, adhering to the mission of “providing advanced technologies for society, industry and users, meeting market needs, exploring demands for customers and fighting for a green world!” Based on the industry heritage and talent cultivation, Daikin provides air-conditioning installation, maintenance, sales and design training for the industry through the Daikin Expertise Course, which aims to enhance the professional level of the industry. To implement the concept, we have worked with the Vocational Training Council to cooperate with the apprenticeship training program. Through a series of systematic on-job training and classroom learning, we hope to fully cultivate new blood and solve the phenomenon of inconsistency. By nurturing a new generation that is full of passion and enthusiasm about the air-conditioning industry, we hope to fully fulfill their potential and make contributions to the society.

“Hire first, train after.”
To encourage young people to participate in the air-conditioning industry with potential for better development, Daikin has adopted the concept of “Hire first, train after”. This concept enables trainees to be employed first in our company, receive on-job training and study training to gain valuable professional techniques, theory, logic and practical experience, enriching personal development and most importantly, to obtain an industrial recognized engineering diploma (air-conditioning and refrigeration) up to the third level of qualification structure (level 3).
3 Main Features of the Daikin Apprenticeship Training Scheme:
  • Experts from Daikin provide on-job training
  • Perfect career planning and promotion opportunity
  • Be knowledgeable and earn money at the same time.

Compensation & Benefits

“People-orientated” has long been the operation concept of Daikin, we constantly invest resources and explore the unlimited potential of our employees. We attract talent who are interested in the air-conditioning industry by providing market-competitive salaries and welfare, to become one of our team members, accomplish your ideal career, develop the road to professionalism and inherit the demands of the industry.

Excellent Welfare and Offers :
  • Consummate medical welfare
  • Annual health check
  • Discretionary bonus
  • On-job training, professional training, successor training, personal coach instruction…
  • Travel allowance
  • Education allowance
  • Promotion opportunity
  • Birthday leave, wedding leave, Compassionate leave, long service leave
  • Long service reward
  • Annual employees travel
  • Employee entertaining activities
  • Employees and family shopping discount

Promotion Ladder

Daikin has established a complete promotion ladder and built up an open internal promotion platform to ensure the steady development of our employees. Through semi-annual performance appraisals, we endlessly follow up on employees’ performance and explore their development opportunities, assisting employees to reach the peak of their career and achieve their career goals at the same time, pursuing the dream of Daikin business.

Daikin Training Scheme

Daikin has always held the business philosophy of “people-orientated and emphasizing talent training and development. Daikin has designed a series of training program for employees with different positions and levels, to provide learning opportunity and staff development.

Schools Relationship

Daikin actively engages with primary and secondary schools and tertiary institution in Hong Kong to find graduates with interest, enthusiasm and ambitions to pursue a career in the air-conditioning industry.

Primary School Students Environmental Protection Visits
We invite primary school students to participate in environmental protection visits. Through guiding them during the event, tutors will introduce how to save energy in daily lives and hope they can inject what they have learnt into the future. Meanwhile, through a number of interactive games, we aim to consolidate the knowledge that they have absorbed and apply the knowledge to expand the message around their community.
Secondary School Students Career Planning Activity
Daikin is convinced that the next generation is the dawn of the future society, we actively promote cooperation with business-schools. Daikin aims to educate students to know more about the air-conditioning industry, job development and further education, through a series of diverse activities including workplace sharing, exhibition hall visits and mock interviews etc. We allow students to pursue the path to their dream and get prepared for their future.
Tertiary Institutions Scholarship
To commend students who have outstanding performance in the Building Services Engineering department, we have launched the “Daikin Scholarship Scheme” at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and the City University of Hong Kong respectively, encourage students to study with endeavor, become a model student with brilliant academic performance and help cultivating professional talents to contribute to society.

Summer Internship Program

Daikin always value the relationship with society, provides valuable internship opportunities for students who are about to enter the workplace, and practice the theory from classroom, allow students to further understand the air-conditioning industry and make better choices for their future career direction. In addition, we strive to create a different internship program, which aims to nurture the growth of students, emphasize the concept of learning-orientated and experience-based program. Let students to accumulate experience, which is conducive to their development of future work path.

Daikin Air-conditioning Youth Training Program (DAY program)

With the continuous development of society and the improvement of living standard, air conditioner and refrigeration equipment have been widely used. Whether it is commercial or residential, or even large-scale refrigeration equipment, the demands are rising. Meanwhile, the installation, maintenance and testing are also in demand and increase accordingly. Benefiting from the positive growth of the industry, the scale of air-conditioning will be further expanded in the future, bringing a bright outlook to market practitioners. Also, because the installation and maintenance work involve a large amount of specialized techniques, the technical level has become an evitable indicator for development in the industry. In view of this, Daikin supports the cooperation of institutions in the industry, providing a two-year Youth Training Program for young people who are interested in the development of the industry, laying a foundation for the profession.

Daikin Air-conditioning Youth Training Program (DAY program) combined with systematic training and professional certification courses, enhance the market competitiveness of trainees. Through supporting dual internship, the air-conditioning skill courses and internships are condensed into just 2 years, which is shorter than the average apprenticeship program. The program is conducted in the form of “Hire first, train after”, that is, participants in the program are not only required to pay any tuition fees but can also obtain a full-time employment contract from the partnered institutions after successful acquisition. Trainees can get paid during the training and internship, helping to relieve the economic pressure during the program.

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