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Privacy Policy

DHK will always keep Customer's personal data confidential. It is DHK's policy to respect privacy and the law, in particular the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance ('PDPO'). DHK shall take every practicable measure to ensure that DHK's regulations regarding the collection, use, storage, disclosure, transfer, security and inspection of personal data comply with the PDPO, and the regulations are set out below:

1. Collection and Use of Data
1.1. Customer will from time to time be required to provide personal information ('Data') when browsing, accessing and using the Site, placing order for Product(s), contacting DHK's Customer Service Department, using customer support services and participating in DHK's activities or events; and such Data will be collected by DHK.
1.2 Customer has right to choose whether providing such Data or not. However, if the customer decided not to provide the required Data, DHK may not be able to provide the requested products or services to the Customer.
1.3. Customer agrees that Data provided may be stored and used by DHK for the following purposes and any other purpose that Customer may agree with DHK or that is required by law from time to time:
1.3.1. performance or enforcement of the Contract for the sale and purchase of Products ordered; or any reasonable or foreseeable matters in relation thereto;
1.3.2. provision of warranty and/or repair services for Products;
1.3.3. analysis, verification and/or checking of Customer's credit, payment and/or status in relation to Products ordered or services provided;
1.3.4. processing of payment instruction by Customer;
1.3.5. analysis of orders placed and compilation of statistics for the purpose of improving Products and DHK's service to Customers;
1.3.6. communication with Customer relating to orders placed or delivery of Products;
1.3.7. providing information relating to Products purchased; and promotional or marketing information to Customer from time to time; and/or
1.3.8. any other lawful purpose related to any of the above.

2. Storage of Data
2.1. Data collected will only be stored for a period reasonably necessary for carrying out any of the above purposes or the purpose(s) otherwise agreed with DHK.
2.2. Data will be stored by DHK in a secure manner, with safeguards and measures preventing unauthorized access and requiring authentication and proper authorization for access and disclosure.

3. Disclosure and Transfer
3.1. DHK will strive its best to keep all Data stored by it strictly confidential; and will maintain a high level of control and security over all Data.
3.2 Your personal data may be transferred to the following parties for one or more of the purpose(s) or agreed purpose(s) specified above: -
3.2.1. DHK employees authorized to handle Customer's Data;
3.2.2. persons with whom Customer transacts any business via the Site, such as any banking, financial or other institutions;
3.2.3. credit agency or debt collection agency for the purpose of credit reporting and verification, and risk management;
3.2.4. any person to whom disclosure is required or compelled by applicable laws, governmental or regulatory requirements; and
3.2.5 any DHK affiliated companies, including DHK's holding and subsidiary companies, whether existing in or outside of Hong Kong, and in this regard, you consent to the transfer of your data outside of Hong Kong; and
3.2.6 other parties, including but not limited to DHK's agency, subsidiaries companies, subcontractors or third parties for providing or executing analysis or survey, administrative, accounting, customer services, data management, telecommunications, computer, payment, debt collection, insurance, data processing or other services.
3.3. DHK will not disclose and transfer any Data to any third party, except as provided above, without Customer's consent. However, in no circumstances will DHK be liable for any breach of security or unauthorized use or disclosure of any Data.
3.4. DHK also will in no circumstances bear any responsibility for Data that Customer provides directly to third parties. This policy does not cover or protect any such Data directly provided by Customer to third parties.

4. Opt Out
DHK will provide Customer with an opt-out mechanism which Customer may reject unsolicited communication or receiving information from DHK by notifying DHK in writing. However, if Customer chooses to opt-out, DHK will retain Customer's contact information only for the purpose of providing customer services, such as warranty and repair services.

5. Access to and Inspection of Data
5.1. Customers will have the right, in accordance with the PDPO, to:
5.1.1. ascertain whether DHK holds any Data of Customer, and the types of Data held;
5.1.2. have access to any Data held by DHK of such Customer;
5.1.3. request correction of any Data held of such Customer;
5.1.4. ascertain DHK's policies and practices relating to Data; and
5.1.5. not allow DHK to access and use any Data of such Customer.
5.2. For any request relating to the above, Customer may contact DHK at 2570-2786 and 17th – 18th Floors, Futura Plaza, No.111 – 113 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
5.3. Customer agrees and acknowledges that DHK has the right to charge a reasonable administrative fee for attending to and complying with Customer's request on each occasion.

6. Revision to Privacy Policy
DHK is fully committed to complying with the PDPO and all applicable laws relating to the protection of personal data. Hence, DHK will revise and update this Policy from time to time whenever there are changes to the law, or new business models or market practices that necessitate a policy change. Customers will be promptly notified of any revision to this Policy on the Site.

Version: 1_20240126