FTXA Inverter Heat Pump Wall Mounted Split Type (420 Series)
Indoor Unit - FTXA50BV1H
Outdoor Unit - RXA50AV1H

Daikin 420 series, the petite and sleek outdoor unit has a height of only 420mm is the perfect fit for your tiny window platform.

Product features

• Petite outdoor unit, freeing you from the need for scaffolding at the time of installation*

• ECO+ mode, an intelligent feature ensuring optimum energy consumption

• Catechin Air Filter, deactivating bacteria and virus

• Power-Airflow Dual Flaps, circulating air to the corners of even large spaces

*Depends on the circumstances of the site

Indoor Unit


Outdoor Unit


Cooling Capacity

5 kW / 17,050 Btu/h

Heating Capacity

4.51 kW / 15,400 Btu/h

Power Consumption

Cooling: 1,920 / Heating: 1,420 W

Energy Efficiency Label


Operating Sound Level

Cooling: 31 - 43 / Heating: 30 - 37 dB(A)

Air Flow

Cooling: 12.6 - 16.9 (3 steps) / Heating: 12.6 - 16.9 (3 steps) m³/min

Dimensions (HxWxD)

297 x 1,005 x 288 mm

Unit Weight

12 kg

Dimensions (HxWxD)

420 x 765 x 291 mm

Unit Weight

27 kg

Pipe Diameter (Liquid)

Ø6.4 mm

Pipe Diameter (Gas)

Ø12.7 mm

Maximum Piping Length

25 m

The data are based on the conditions below:

Cooling: indoor temp. 27°CDB/19°CWB; outdoor temp. 35°CDB

Heating: indoor temp. 20°CDB; outdoor temp. 7°CDB/6°CWB

Piping length: 7.5m


Remote controller model: ARC485A6

This model may connect to Daikin Mobile Controller to enable smart control function (optional function). For details, please refer to: Daikin Mobile Controller

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