FTKC R32 Inverter Cooling Only Wall Mounted Split Type (Coanda Series)
Indoor Unit - FTKC25TAV1N
Outdoor Unit - RKC25TAV1N

Daikin Coanda series creates airflow along the ceiling, allowing the air to spread out across the whole room without creating uncomfortable drafts.

Product features

• Coanda panel, quickly achieving a comfortable temperature with a gentle airflow

• Up to 9-metre airflow, delivering air evenly to every corner in the room*

• Intelligent Eye, controlling air conditioner operation according to human movement in the room

• Titanium Apatite Deodorising Filter, absorbing odours and allergens

*Depends on installation circumstances and operation

Indoor Unit


Outdoor Unit


Cooling Capacity

2.5 kW / 8,500 Btu/h

Power Consumption

680 W

Energy Efficiency Label


Operating Sound Level

19 - 39 dB(A)

Air Flow

2.9 - 9.9 (5 steps) m³/min

Dimensions (HxWxD)

285 x 770 x 226 mm

Unit Weight

8 kg

Dimensions (HxWxD)

550 x 658 x 275 mm

Unit Weight

23 kg

Pipe Diameter (Liquid)

Ø6.4 mm

Pipe Diameter (Gas)

Ø9.5 mm

Maximum Piping Length

15 m

The data are based on the conditions below:

Cooling: indoor temp. 27°CDB/19°CWB; outdoor temp. 35°CDB/24°CWB

Piping length: 7.5m

R32 is classified as mildly flammable refrigerant. Consumers shall consult supplier, agents or his authorized technicians for installation, inspection and maintenance for this type of product. Consumers shall pay attention to installation height and minimum floor area for such product’s indoor unit installation.


Remote controller model: ARC480A32

This model may connect to Daikin Mobile Controller to enable smart control function (optional function). For details, please refer to: Daikin Mobile Controller

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