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What is an inverter?
Inverter is an energy-saving technology that reduces energy consumption by effectively controlling the operating speed of motors in air conditioners.
What is a heat pump?
Heat pump is an energy-saving system that transfers heat without generating heat.
Heat exists in air. It exists even in cold areas such as the North Pole and South Pole. These areas are cooler because the amount of heat in these areas is smaller.
Temperature rises as the amount of heat in air increases. Conversely, temperature decreases as the amount of heat drops.
What is R-32?
R-32 is a new generation refrigerant that transmit heat effectively and causes little effect to the environment.
Refrigerant is a medium that transfers heat.
Air conditioners transfer heat when refrigerant circulates within indoor and outdoor air conditioning systems.
Daikin is a world-leading air conditioner manufacturer covering more than 140 countries.
We have been proposing air conditioning plans for a better environment and higher quality of living since the early 1930s.
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