Student Environmental Protection Tour

Participate in our environmental protection tour and enrich your life experience

Student Environmental Protection Tour

Global warming has become a serious problem. We need to protect the environment, so that our next generation can grow up happily and healthily. It is the responsibility of every parent and educator.

We believe that environmental education must start with children, so they will cherish the limited natural resources and cultivate a eco-attitude towards life. To this end Daikin airconditioning conducts a student environmental education tour in the hope of raising our future masters’ environmental awareness.

Daikin airconditioning adheres to the principles of caring for the environment, focusing on the integration of ‘Global Environment and Business Management’. With the aim of creating a better environment, we introduce the environmental measures in each area of our business and take effort to the development of the innovative technologies and energy-efficient products.

In order to fulfill the responsibilities of being a good corporate citizen, we are promoting the environmental education with our full efforts. Daikin’s showroom, located in Kwun Tong offers an environmental exhibition gallery, and is open to all primary school students in Hong Kong. Children are encouraged to understand the relationship between modern technologies and greenhouse effect plus ozone depletion in a fun and easy to understand group. We believe that we can protect the environment by developing the awareness of the students and encourage them to be an environmental responsible child, to save electricity in daily life, and to take care of our beautiful planet.

To create a better environment, everyone throughout the community must work together to extend the concept of environmental protection to the next generation. Daikin does everything it can to contribute to environmental protection. Please join us, and give us your utmost support.

We began organizing the Student Environmental Protection Tour in 2009 in order to encourage children to make good use of their leisure time. We have been pleased by the enthusiastic response. All primary schools / institutions are welcome to visit our Solution Plaza. All students will receive the ‘Caring for the environment, starts with me’ pamphlet so they could share the environmental knowledge with more people after the tour.


(Remarks: The tour is open from Monday to Friday only. Each group should not have more han 23 students and 2 teachers. Opening hours: 10:00-11:30 AM, 14:30-16:00 PM)
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