Ceiling Mounted Cassette Type (360° air flow)
Indoor Unit
Outdoor Unit
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Indoor Unit
Outdoor Unit
Cooling Capacity Btu/h 17,100 20,500 24,200 34,100 42,700 47,800
Power Consumption kW 1.24 1.58 1.99 2.78 4.31 5.62
Indoor Unit
Air Flow Rate (H) m3/min 21 21 21 32 33 33
Sound Level (H/M) dB(A) 35/31.5 35/31.5 35/31.5 44/37.5 44/39 44/40
Dimension (Unit)
mm 256x840x840 256x840x840 256x840x840 298x840x840 298x840x840 298x840x840
Dimension (Panel)
mm 50x950x950 50x950x950 50x950x950 50x950x950 50x950x950 50x950x950
Machine Weight
kg 21/5.5 21/5.5 21/5.5 24/5.5 24/5.5 24/5.5
Outdoor Unit
mm 595x845x300 595x845x300 595x845x300 990x940x320 990x940x320 990x940x320
Machine Weight kg 43 43 43 73 73 73
Key Features
Comfort enhanced by Round Flow!
Adapt easily to the installation space.

Note: Whatever the discharge direction, the same type of panel is used. If installing for other than all-round flow, an air discharge outlet sealing material (option) must be used to close each unused outlet.
Operation sound increases when using 2-way or 3-way flow.

Grime prevention and bactericidal coating: Make cleaning easier.

External panels are treated with a coating that repels dirt.
To prevent dirt sticking to the external panels, they have been coated with a surface treatment.

Silver ion anti-bacterial drain pan
Mould-proof drain pan includes a silver ion antibacterial agent that assists in preventing the growth of slime, bacteria, and mould that cause smells and clogging.

Non-flocking flaps
Condensation does not easily form on and dirt does not cling to non-flocking flaps.It is easy to clean.

Filter has anti-mould and bactericidal treatment
Prevents mould and microorganisms growing out of the dust and moisture that adheres to the filters.

Optimal comfort and convenience assured by 2 air discharge modes

1Air direction is set to the standard position when the unit is shipped from the factory.The position can be changed from the remote controller.
2Closing of the corner discharge outlets is recommended.

Suitable for high ceilings
Even is spaces with high ceilings, a comfortable airflow is carried down to the floor level.

When all round flow is selected, ceilings up to 4.2 m in height can be accommodated.(100-140KA)

Criteria for ceiling height and number of air discharge outlets (Ceiling height is reference value)

Note: Factory settings are for standard ceiling height and all-round flow. High ceiling settings (1) and (2) are set with the remote controller by field setting.

Quick and easy to install

Just 256 mm high. Installable in tight ceiling spaces (50–71KA)

*1 298 mm high with 100LU–140LU
*2 308 mm high with 100LU–140LU

Easy height adjustment
Each corner of the unit has an Adjuster Pocket that lets you easily adjust the unit's suspended height.

Note: If the wireless remote control option is installed, a light receptor unit is housed in one of the adjuster pockets

All models can be installed without using lifter because of the light weight.

Installable in any direction
Since the orientation of the suction grill can be adjusted after installing, the direction of the suction grill lines can be unified when multiple units are installed.

Drain pump is equipped as standard accessory with 850 mm lift.

Transparent drain socket

Useful Tips

What is a split type air conditioner?

  • Split type air conditioner is composed of two parts, the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. Therefore it is relatively quiet in the room.
  • Due to the motor and the compressor are placed in the outdoor unit and copper pipes are used to connect the indoor unit, it makes the installation more flexible, but needs to be installed by professionals.

How to choose an air conditioner?

  • The choice should be based on the size of the house, house direction and your own budget
  • When you buy an air conditioner, you should consider the following factors, COP value, quietness, air volume, air flow, temperature control, size, appearance, comfort, durability, user-friendly operation interface and functions.
  • As less sunlight and good ventilation in the south and north direction, it does not require a very large cooling capacity for an air conditioner to operate effectively. Therefore, southward and northward are the most ideal directions for the installation of air-conditioner. (Westward — bright sunset shining; northward — windy)

How to reduce power consumption of an air conditioner?

  • It is appropriate to set the temperature to 26-28°C because consumers can save around 6% of electric bill by adjusting the temperature upward by 1°C.
  • Turn off the air-conditioner 30 minutes before leaving the room, using the cold room effect, which will save more energy and money.
  • Using air-conditioner which has inverter technology, as it can make the indoor temperature more comfortable; saving energy; saving money, and be more environmental friendly
  • Close the doors and windows properly to avoid leakage of cooling air from indoor, and uses curtains to block sunlight for avoiding heat radiation into indoor

How to maintain air conditioners?

  • Turn off the air-conditioner, while it is not in use
  • While using split type air conditioners with inverter technology, remote control must be used while ON/OFF switching, otherwise the electronic components will be damaged easily.
  • The air filter of the air-conditioner should be cleaned every two to three weeks.
  • The air filter of the air-conditioner should be washed by the water below 40 ˚C water.
  • The air filter of the air-conditioner should be cleaned by clean water or brushing with a soft brush , hot water shouldn’t be used for washing the filter ; let it dry after washing , don’t put the filter under sunlight in order to avoid filters shrinkage.
  • Water leakage of air conditioners is usually caused by dirty of the indoor unit or blocked drains, you should find professional air conditioning technician to solve these problems.

What is COP?

An air conditioner’s COP (Coefficient of Performance) indicates how efficiently the unit uses energy. A higher COP means greater energy efficiency. It also means lower electricity consumption, so you save money.